President of Associazione Agrado and founder of it in 2000. Trainer in the Pool of Trainers of the Italian National Agency, specially in EVS. She has expertise on skills development, Team building and conflict management. She is also a professional psychological counselor and applies these techniques in facilitating evaluation steps and skill assessment sessions with participants. Expert in KA1 project design and management (Youth Exchanges, TC  and Seminars, EVS,..). Written, organised and managed 6 Youth Exchanges and several Training Courses, EVS and KA2.




President and Founder of Check-IN Association in 2010. He was a Trainer in the Pool of Trainers of the Portuguese National Agency and he is Multiplier for Eurodesk. Full-time Trainer, national and internationally, especially on Project Management, Project Design, European Volunteer Service, Volunteering, Facilitation, European Projects planning,.. Coordinated a big project: 100 EVS volunteers for short project in 2007, three Youth Exchanges with 60 participants and severals Trainings courses. 



Active member of Legambiente Prato, a local branch of one of the most important environmental organization in Italy, since 2007, as environmental educator and guide.

From 2011 she is EVS/erasmus+ coordinator for Legambiente Prato: worked with more then 40 evs volunteers and almost 10 italian civil service volunteers.


Experience both in the field of task-related support, project planning and grant application/management of EVS projects. Math/Science teacher in the public secondary school.