Hellenic Youth Participation – Greece


Hellenic Youth Participation (based in Athens, Greece) stands for intercultural dialogue, non-formal education, mutual understanding and solidarity. The main aim of the group is to inspire and stimulate European citizens to become active parts of their local and European community. We wish to motivate young people to become involved and to raise awareness about current values like equal opportunities, social inclusion and cultural diversity. Through our projects we aim at the promotion of non-formal differentiated learning and the importance of personal development. HYP is active on a local, national and European level.

The organization is very focused on the promotion of non-formal differentiated learning,  the importance of personal development and activating young people this is why we work with them in 4 different target groups:


*Teenagers (13-17 years old) who form part of the Teen Team of Empowerment (Supporting teenagers through the transition to adulthood)

* Young Adults (18-30 years old) who form part of the Young Adults Team of Empowerment (Empowering young people to live as active members of the local and national community)

* Leaders Academy (18+ years old) (Training youth leaders on the non-formal education framework)

* Educators (Teachers, Educators, Trainers, Coaches) who form part of the Non-formal Education Academy (Training teachers to use non-formal methodology to formal teaching)


We also implement a great variety of seminars and workshops about self-awareness, emotional intelligence, personal development, finding your passion, conflict management and teaching techniques.