Zdruzenie Pavel Satev Kocani - FYRM


Our organization is led by Executive Committee with 7 members, including: the president of organization, vice-president, secretary and 4 other members. The vice-president is in charge for finances and this function is controlled by supervisory committee which have 3 members. All the members of the board are students on age of 19-30 years old from 5 different towns from east Macedonia. All the members of the board are volunteers. There are not members who are professionally involved in this work, but we have members who are fulltime volunteers with appropriate education in certain areas. The main aims which united all people in our organization are:

- To promote, establish and develop mutual respect and personal contacts between youngsters from Macedonia and youngsters from other countries

- To contribute in realization of vision for fair world with respect for human dignity and multiculturism

- To contribute to educational development, andencourage mutual understanding and respect in order to promote social responsibility for youngsters

- To help young people to be internationally-oriented and professionally qualified

- To protect and promote student rights

- To help young people without parents

- To care for environment

- To develop sporting spirit and active lifestyles for youngsters

- To develop contacts with organizations from Macedonia and others throughout Europe and the world

We are the biggest and the most experienced youth organisation in east part of Macedonia working with Erasmus+ program. Each year our organisation is sending more than 100 youngsters on different Erasmus+ projects in Europe as youth exchanges, training courses, partnership building activities etc. Also we have accreditation for EVS and until now we have hosted around 80 EVS short and long term volunteers and have sended 10 short and long term EVS volunteers.

Our members are attending projects with different topics according to their needs, skills they want to develop and knowledge they want to gain.


We have participated and organized numerous workshops touching this topic. We have experience about this topic. But always is good when you extend your knowledge and when you can learn something new.