HVSF – Hungary


HVSF has more than 10 years of experience in volunteer-sending. One of our main aim is to help young people to participate in volunteer projects from year to year. We highly believe that voluntary work is a part of a lifelong learning process, which greatly contributes to achieve long-lasting and far reaching personal goals and social development for young people. Last but not at least - through creating impact together – volunteering helps them to become European citizens as well. In this process, we support young people from the very first steps – introductions - of our volunteer programs until the reintegration after their service has expired. We also help them to use – and pass - their newly acquired skills and post-project experience in the most efficient way.

HVSF is committed to send young people to volunteer projects without any social and financial barriers, according to that we participate in programs, which allows our volunteers to earn these key experiences without any financial deposit or down-payment.


Our objective is to contribute to the success of the whole project by ensuring the effective personal contributions of the volunteers and professionals.


HVSF is always looked for the possibilities to send more and more Hungarian volunteers to participate in projects primarily in the „developing” countries. Through these projects we would like to grant the chance to our Hungarian volunteers to add their personal output to the development of third world countries, show and learn new ways of thinking and doing, make local communities and young people work side by side to create positive – and sustainable - change, thus increase the attitude on global thinking in Hungary as well. Depending on the project - after longer or shorter selection process - we focus on to place great emphasis on the volunteers’ individual and group preparation and thoroughly support their personal learning progress.